Navigate midlife with meaning and purpose

Find support through the changes and challenges of midlife, including menopause, relationship changes, and shifting roles in the family structure or at work. A background in transpersonal psychology, mindfulness practices, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) training enables me to attend to all the different parts of self that are at play during this time.

Midlife can be an opportunity to rediscover ourselves.

Milestone events and physiological changes during our 40s-60s can lead to a major identity shift, greater awareness of our mortality, and a desire to re-evaluate life’s purpose. As we begin to view ourselves differently, introspection and self examination can produce uncertainty, stress, and anxiety—but they also can lead to new perspectives.

I encourage my clients to remain open, curious, and vulnerable as we shine a spotlight on life’s “second act.”

While many of us worry that growing older means a loss of vitality, it also can mean wisdom, freedom, and new insights. Together we’ll explore these themes to help you through the physical and emotional changes of midlife.

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