Find stability in the face of loss, death, and grief

Death of a loved one, long-term illness, and other events that bring us face-to-face with mortality can lead to debilitating worry, anxiety, and depression. During times of bereavement or existential fear, it can feel challenging to maintain and tend to relationships or daily tasks.

Embrace the life you want even while grappling with its finite nature.

I’ll help you process, navigate, and normalize intense emotions that accompany these inevitable human experiences.

The nervous system is central to how we experience fear and anxiety.

Once we evaluate the state of the nervous system, the brain, and other physiological systems, we’ll identify needs and map out a path to help you stabilize and live fully, while still analyzing and processing existential concerns.

Related Focus Areas

  • Loss/grief/bereavement
  • Fear/anxiety related to death
  • Near-death experiences
  • Facing illness/disease
  • Anticipatory grief
  • Aging and mortality
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Climate crisis anxiety
  • Religious and spiritual questioning