When you are adjusting to being a parent, often a complete identity shift is taking place.

My aim is to provide support and resources that help you ride the inevitable waves of parenthood and experience it in the most insightful, connected, enriching, and joyous way possible.

From early baby days through the toddler and school-age years, you are experiencing almost constant recalibration of your emotional and mental status. Depending on the age of your child, life may be on a 24-hour time table. It might feel like you are constantly putting out a fire. Sure, you expected to feel unsteady in some ways, but is parenthood more difficult than you ever imagined?

As Birthing From Within creator Pam England says, “After giving birth you know something that you didn’t know before.” Adjusting to parenthood affects every cell, every thought, and every part of you. It’s a big experience to integrate the story of your birth into your life, acclimate to new roles and rhythms, establish new patterns, and build a support network.

I can help with integration of your experience.

We will look at thoughts, beliefs, attachments, and more. We will take clues from your somatic, mental, and emotional awarenesses to better understand how and why you are experiencing certain things.

We will reference your own early years to explore how they impact you now. The way you were nurtured directly affects the way you parent. In counseling, we can explore your “attachment style,” which is influenced by prior relationships with important people in your life and affects your bond with your child.

I am committed to helping parents notice how and why they lean towards certain information, and how it helps them feel safety and comfort as they face each developmental stage. We can reflect on your relationship with the growing process, health care, advice, and more.

Even if you came into your parenting role with much insight, it’s still likely to bring you to your knees at times. I can help you notice how you are challenged and in what ways you can have a better supported parenting journey.

Counseling is powerful for new parents. Our sessions create a much-needed space and time to examine how parenthood is transforming you and your life. Some common areas of concern that can be addressed during therapy sessions include:

  • Postpartum adjustment
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Child development concerns
  • Struggles with feeding and sleeping routines
  • Self care and identity struggles
  • Parenting a child with special needs
  • Parenting toddlers and preschoolers
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Changing family roles and relationships
  • Work-life balance