I am a former birth and postpartum doula and pre and perinatal massage therapist.

I know firsthand the blessings and hazards of this work and the feeling of compassion fatigue.

While attending births can feel like a calling and a privilege, secondary trauma is a part of the job and burnout is common, due to the odd hours and high stress. I am a trauma-informed counselor and can help birth professionals address these challenges.

Our individual counseling sessions will provide an opportunity to examine, process, and integrate the events you experience and witness. Together we can examine how secondary trauma affects you, develop a plan for self care, and explore ways you can sustain your inspiration and motivation.

Your current mental, emotional, and physical state can be greatly affected by your personal experiences and history.

Many of us come to the work by way of our own birth experiences.

It is important to address any unresolved aspects from your own birth to do your best work.

In a counseling setting, there is time and space to integrate recent and past experiences in a meaningful way. Our sessions will help you feel supported and resourced, so you can continue to find the joy and satisfaction in this work and in other areas of your life.

Signs of secondary trauma include:

  • Fatigue
  • Diminished concentration and ability to make decisions
  • Feeling emotionally detached
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Increased nervous system activation
  • Physical exhaustion (adrenal fatigue)

Risk factors for secondary trauma include:

  • Direct contact or exposure to someone else experiencing a trauma
  • Helping others more than you are helping yourself
  • Trauma in your personal history
  • Working in a high-stress environment